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"While it's sad that these folks are posting such comments, we had to stop them from doing so because they were messing up the user experience for our other users (whom the app was actually built for)," Crane explained.According to Caller Smart's Facebook data: 22% of all downloads are from the Middle East, and Saudi Arabia tops the list at 11%. Guyz is a 12-minute long video that was based on a year-long survey on young Saudi men and their views on dating the opposite sex.Dating as we think of it in the West isn’t allowed in Saudi Arabia, so “dates” are usually secretive meals or coffee.Trailing behind are Iraq (3%), Kuwait (3%), Qatar (2%), Egypt (1%), Lebanon (1%), and United Arab Emirates (1%).Also, 94% of Saudi users are men, compared to 78% of overall Middle Eastern users. It's not too hard to make the leap, then, that Saudi Arabia would seriously, actually, run a conference about 'what to do with all these women' – those who are rising up, who are starting to disobey the 'norms'. But this is a country where women are not allowed to drive, women cannot vote or be elected to high political positions – oh, and stoning them to death if they try to leave their husbands is still OK.

Unrelated men and women caught talking to each other, driving in the same car or sharing a meal risk being detained by the religious police. Users activate the Bluetooth function in their phone and then press the search button to see who else has the feature on within a 30-foot range.And it’s important to talk about it freely without judging their behavior so that if people choose to date, they can do so wisely and without false impressions.Do these women think that their boyfriends plan to marry them later? An interesting and insightful quote from the article caught my attention: “The young men in the DVD were judgmental about the girls they know, but not of their own behavior, which is as much a violation of Saudi social standards.” We are always quick to point the finger at others and not analyze our own behavior.However, despite the negative associations with dating, there are Muslim men and women who do date, whether they’re looking to marry or not.It’s important to talk about this—no matter what we think of dating, “halal” dating, or just being “friends” with the opposite sex, there will always be people that participate in these activities.“I’ve been using Bluetooth since it came out last year.